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The Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire (BCNH) is a community-based not for profit organization founded in 2010 to help New Americans living in the state of New Hampshire to achieve a better quality of life. The BCNH strives to achieve this goal through need-based community development projects in the state of New Hampshire. Its role is to support and empower needy individuals and families and provide direction for successful integration into the mainstream community. Read More ...

Shaping Our Future

This report presents the findings from a participatory research project, Shaping Our Future: Integration from the Perspective of Bhutanese Young Adults in New Hampshire. This qualitative study investigates how Bhutanese young adults understand and describe their experiences, aspirations, and the opportunities available to them as they integrate into New Hampshire society. The report is formatted to reflect the different stages of the interviewees' lives, including their original connections to Bhutan, spending up to twenty years in refugee camps in Nepal, moving to the U.S., and establishing themselves permanently in New Hampshire. An analysis of integration is woven throughout and its complexity builds to mirror the process that new arrivals experience as they prepare to move, arrive in, and adjust to New Hampshire. The young adults reflect on their old and new lives, and integrate the best of both worlds into new identities, offering a unique and rich intercultural perspective to their families and communities, shaping our future.
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Summer Camp Project

Realizing the importance of offering extra help to Bhutanese students for them to excel in their studies and to improve their English skills, the Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire (BCNH) in partnership with the New England Farm Workers Council launched summer camp project as a pilot program in July & August, 2012. The program was focused on helping students advance their English (vocabulary, writing, comprehension) skills, assisting with SATs, ACTs, TOEFL and all other college entrance preparation classes. In addition to that, this summer program also had mentoring classes, exploring careers sessions, researching lessons, leadership training, event planning and management classes, field trips, speeches from inspirational people to address the needs of the students.Read more...

Bhutanese Artists Honored in New Hampshire

Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire (BCNH) and its Youth wing-Bhutanese Youth of New Hampshire concluded a half day long ‘Annual Cultural Event- Euphoric Night II’ in Concord City Auditorium in New Hampshire on November 29th, 2014. The major objectives of organizing this year’s Euphoric Night were: honoring established and emerging Bhutanese artists across the USA who have contributed significant time and energy in the field of music and to share Bhutanese culture and heritage with the hosting community.

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NH Bhutanese observed Youth Leadership Summit

Bhutanese community of New Hampshire organized and observed two days Youth Leadership Summit 2014, September 26, 27 at Southern New Hampshire University that focused on youth leadership development through capacity building.
Keynote speaker, Bill Gillette, Dean of Business School, SNHU, emphasized on beauty of having diversity with an appreciation that “refugees and immigrants make New Hampshire rich”. Highlighting the progress made by resettled Bhutanese in the Granite State, Bill commended BCNH for being in the forefront to advocate on behalf of fellow refugees and immigrants. “Bhutanese have stronger sense of community which makes them unique as compared with other populations”, he said.

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Bhutanese refugees embrace community garden on farmer’s land

The old cherry trees wouldn’t be moved, Tony Gillespie decided while tilling soil on his 13 bucolic acres in Canterbury.
The shade he’d provide would be appreciated on hot days at the community garden, he thought, when planning began two years ago. He was sure someone would come to use the land, but at the time, he didn’t know they’d be coming from half a world away.

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For Bhutanese refugees in New Hampshire, language barrier poses challenges in healthcare access

At the Manchester headquarters of the Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire earlier this week, about two dozen refugees brought questions about the New Hampshire Health Protection Program and other health care issues.

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Bhutanese refugee connects with Nepali speakers worldwide through ConcordTV program

When ConcordTV producer Josh Hardy asked for a sound check Thursday morning, Tilak Niroula’s response was mumbled and shy.
“Everything is fine,” he said, speaking quietly from where he sat in front of the green screen.
Then Hardy started rolling the camera, and Niroula began to speak in Nepali. His words were fluid, and his voice was strong.

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My Turn: State’s Bhutanese on the road to self-sufficiency

‘Wherever they go, they certainly thrive,” reported the Rev. Amal Raj, a Catholic priest and field director of CARITAS Nepal. He was referring to the Lhotshampa, refugees from Bhutan who in the past five years have left refugee camps in Nepal and been resettled around the world.
The Lhotshampa history is filled with episodes of creating success out of hardship. Originally from Nepal, the Lhotshampa were brought to Southern Bhutan through a settlement project of the Bhutanese government since the early 17th century. The land was uninhabited, densely wooded and infested with malaria-bearing mosquitoes. These people turned this difficult uncharted territory into prolific agricultural land and became major contributors to Bhutan’s economy.

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Your Turn, NH -- Suraj K. Budathoki: I am at last happy, for I am at last an American

If anybody asks me, “How are you today?” tears roll down before I say I feel blessed and am full of boundless joy. For the first time in my life, after living for 24 years in exile from my country, Bhutan, I feel that I have found meaning in my life.
I am a fortunate one among many unfortunates who have endured so much for their nationality, identity and their basic rights living in refugee camps. I am one of those who hid my embarrassment and crushed rocks in river banks in order to feed my family and keep them warm in winter.

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Buddha Jayanti Observed in New Hampshire

The 2,558th Buddha Jayanti (Lord Buddha’s birth anniversary) was observed in New Hampshire with great grandeur on Wednesday, 14th May 2014.
Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire (BCNH), New Hampshire Nepali Community (NHNC) and Tammu Samaj of New Hampshire (TSNH) jointly celebrated the event at Manchester to pass the message of peace, harmony and discussing Lord Buddha’s philosophies.

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Nepali Learning Project

Nepali Learning Project Nepali Learning Project was launched from May 2011in Concord and from August 2012 in Manchester by Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire (BCNH) with an objective of preserving and promoting Nepali language, literature, culture, arts and heritage. Read more ...

English & Civics Learning Project

English & Civics Learning Project Bhutanese are the most peace loving and patriotic people in the world. They never react on the atrocities of the government even when they lost everything. They rather left their own country for the sake of king’s happiness and spent the most pathetic refugee life for over two decades. Read more ...

Honoring High School Graduates

Honoring High School Graduates The Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire (BCNH) strongly believes that education is a key to success no matter where you live. Education can never be stolen nor can it be destroyed. It is a matter of fact that education helps break the intergenerational cycle of poverty... Read more ...

Deepawali Celebration

Deepawali Celebration The Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire (BCNH) has organized and performed Deusi-Bhaili program on the auspicious occasion of Deepawali, 2069 BS (October 2012) in the state of New Hampshire. Read more ...

Bhanu Jayanti Celebration

Bhanu Jayanti Celebration The Bhutanese community of New Hampshire celebrated 199th Bhanu Jayanti on July 21st 2012. It was organized by BCNH. Open poem competition was held on the judgment of Rajesh koirala and Devi Khanal. This competition was to bolster and upgrade our Nepali literature. Read more ...

BCNH in the News

Emergency Response

Fire in Bhutanese Refugee Camp

The Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire (BCNH) is well aware that emergencies knock down everyone across the board and they require prompt action and response to reduce further damage.  More details ...

Documentary about the story of the Bhutanese Refugees that follows the community from the camps in Nepal to the United States. Filmed by New Hampshire filmmaker Doria Bramante's Read More...

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