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About Us:

Formed in 2009, the BCNH got its legal status under New Hampshire Statutes Annotated Chapter 292 as a community based, independent non-profit organization in 2010, which is committed to render essential services for the Bhutanese community in New Hampshire. BCNH was founded by a group of newly arrived Bhutanese refugees for resettlement in New Hampshire.

It was in 1990, when the royal government of Bhutan evicted a large number of Nepali speaking Bhutanese citizens under the depopulation policy, which compelled them to take shelter in the UNHCR sponsored refugee camps in Nepal, where 108,000 Bhutanese were registered as refugees in Nepal. Though Nepal had nothing to do in refugee making, it entered into bilateral negotiations with the government of Bhutan in 1993. By 2003, 15 rounds of talks concluded yielding no result, as government of Bhutan remained adamant for not to accept the Bhutanese refugees back to their home.

As a result, the UNHCR proposed for alternative options. In 2006, under the leadership of the Government of United States, a group of core countries formed comprising of Canada, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Australia, Denmark and United Kingdom. The core countries decided to offer the third country resettlement for the Bhutanese refugees as a part of burden sharing solution to the prolonged refugee crisis. This is how; the Nepali speaking Bhutanese refugees started arriving in the United States.

Though the Bhutanese communities are thankful to the generous help being rendered to the influx of Bhutanese refugees in New Hampshire by the host communities, it was felt necessary to have an independent, viable and innovative organization to address the immediate need of the Bhutanese communities. Thus, the concept of forming an organization was floated among the Bhutanese community in New Hampshire, which ultimately materialized on May 4, 2009.

Since the formation of this organization, it has been dedicating in the services of the communities. Within independent and partnership, the executive committee of BCNH has two fulltime and three part time staffs. It has an elected board of directors, which guides in entire functioning of the organization, including the policy making, evaluation and monitoring the program. Besides, it has some influential individuals as its advisors who are readily available for any consultation or to discuss the issues of immediate concern and interest.

Concord Address:
90 Airport Road
Concord NH 03301
Phone: (603) 856-7507

Manchester Address:
510 Chestnut Street
Manchester NH 03101
Phone: (603) 935-9620

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